Targeted operation against IT teachers

Targeted operation against IT teachers

Rahim Yar khan (web desk) Higher authorities launch a targeted operation against IT Teachers. They visit different schools in Tehsil Sadiq abad and Rahim Yar Khan. During their visits they try to check the computer Labs and ignore Physics , Chemistry and Biology Laboratories. Different Teacher unions says that Higher Authorities may be or does not know the importance of Physics , Chemistry and Biology Practical’s.

According to Directorate of Staff development, they give Computer training to all  ESTs in 2012. In 2012 many training sessions were conducted. In these Computer training sessions DSD trained all EST about computer Science. After this training they all were able to teach Computer subject to Elementary classes. But as usual when these ESTs move in their schools , they denied to teach Computer Subject. When Headmasters or Dy. DEOs try to force them for computer teaching, then their unions come forward and protest.

Realty of these teachers is different. More than 90% schools have excessive EST. The Student Teacher ratio in all schools are , more or less 25:1. Due to this reason , Government of the Punjab transfer them in Primary Schools in rationalization just a few years ago.

One more thing in Dastoor ul Amal that each school must maintained 40 students against one teacher.for example if any school have 10 teachers including head teacher than this school must maintained 400 student’s enrollment. (Dastoor ul Amal Page No.5).

It mean one teacher working against 25 students. In High schools mostly ESTs have just 3 or 4 periods out eight periods. According to notification of Government of the Punjab Minimum 36 periods given to  EST per week. According to  Dastoor ul Amal (issued by Punjab School Education Department) , if any school have excessive work load with respect to Teachers ,than Head Teacher is allowed to give junior class.

For Example : If any school have excessive workload in higher secondary classes and less teachers in secondary section than head teacher allowed to give periods of Secondary classes to SS,SSS so that he manage school activities.


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