Computer Education Multiple Choice Questions For Class 6th

Online MCQ’s Test for COMPUTER EDUCATION Class 6
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1. What is the information we get our from computer called?

2. What are the devices use to store information called?

3. Which of the following is not an output device?

4. Which of following device produces softcopy output?

5. Which of the following is a reliable storage device to take data from one computer to other?

6. Which of the following input device plays an important role using windows?

7. What does appear on the monitor when windows I logged on?

8. Where is the start button normally located on Desktop?

9. What is a small pictorial object that represents a program called?

10. Which is a default folder that stores all deleted files in windows?

11. Which bar contain name of the current program at its left side and control button at it right?

12. Which button is used to reduce the window to a button on the Task bar?

13. Which tool is use in paint to draw multiple type of polygon?

14. Which curly line indicates spelling mistake in Word?

15. Which of the following program has Flip/Rotate feature?

16. Which finger is used to press home key F?

17. In Word, which Short Cut key is used to print a full document?

18. In Word, which menu offers the New Command?

19. In Word, which aligning text option aligns the text from both sides?

20. In Word, which of the following short cut is used to copy from a document?

21. Which program is used to play audio/video files?

22. What are the rules for exchanging data between computer called?

23. What is the technology that uses existing telephone line to provide high speed Internet Access?

24. What communication medium is used to transfer data in dialup modem internet access?

25. Which device is used as a communication device in Internet?

26. Which of the following is famous and commonly used web browser?

27. Which language is used to create web pages?

28. Which of the following in not a search engine?



(1)  What is a computer?
 A Computer is an electronic machine, which accepts Data, performs calculation and produce results.

 (2)  Define Data or what is a Data?

Data is a collection of raw facts and figures, given to computer for processing.

 (3) What are advantages of Computer
1. Computer used everywhere in banks , schools ,hospital and at air ports
(4) What is speed in computer?
 Computer perform calculations within seconds that human do in much more time.
(5) What is accuracy?
 Computer process data with accuracy when the provided data is accurate
 (6) What is versatility?

Computer can do variety of tasks for us :
=> we can play games , explore internet and listen music by using computer.
(7) What is high power of remembering?
 Computer can retain data and information temporarily as well as permanently
 (8)  Define Information or what is a Information?

Information is the processed or meaningful Data that is understandable by a person.

 (9)  Define Process or What is process?

Process is action that is performed on Data to convert it to Information.

 (10)  What are the advantages or features of Computers?

Computers have become essential part of our life due to these features: High Speed, Accuracy, High Power of Remembering things and versatility

(11)  Define Hardware or What is a Hardware?

The physical parts or devices of the computers that we see and touches are known as Hardware e.g. keyboard

 (12)  Define Software or What is software?

The Parts of computers which are intangible, these consist of programs or set of instructions

(13)  How many group of Hardware Components of Computer are?

The Computer Hardware components can be divided into these groups.

(a)  Input Devices

(b)  Output Devices

(c) System Unit

(e) Storage Devices

(f) Communication Devices

(14) Define Input Devices?

Input devices are used to enter data or instruction into the computer like keyboard , mouse etc

(15) Which are the Input Devices or Component of computer?

There are following input devices or components of a computer

       (1)  Keyboard is used to enter data into computer, there are 102-105 keys are on it

       (2)  Mouse is used to input instructions with a pointer on the screen, it is also called pointing device

       (3)  Scanner is used to input printed documents and images into the computer

       (4)  Microphone is used to input human voice or any other sound into the computer

 (16)  Define Output devices or what are out put devices?

The out put devices show that information which is obtained from computer after processing.

 (17)  Which are the Output devices in computers ?

There are following output devices with computer

(1)  Monitor is Output device; it is just like T.V and also known as VDU (Video Display Unit)

 (2)  Printer is also Output device that produce the output on paper.

 (3)  Speaker is that kind of Output device that produces sound Output.

 (18)  Define System unit or what is system unit?

System unit is the main unit of computer; it is consist of rectangular box, often called C.P.U
 (19)  What are the parts of Parts of System Unit?

System unit consist of following parts
 (1)  Processor performs all types of processing on data to produce results; it is main part of system unit

(2)  Mother Board is the main circuit board in system unit. It is also called system board.

 (3)  Memory is used to store Data that is used by processor for different tasks. It is essential part of a computer.

 (20)  What are the storage devices in computers ?

Storage devices are use to keep the data and programs stored permanently so that available for later

(1)  Hard Disk is permanent storage device. Magnetic plates are used to store Data in Hard Disk.

 (2)  Floppy Disk is removable storage device. It is used to transfer Data form one computer to another.

(3)  CD / DVD are soft plastic made storage disks
 (4)  USB is also removable storage device
(21)  Define Communication devices

Devices which are used to transfer information from on computer to another are called communication devices

 (22) Which are the Communication devices in computers?

Modem is communication device use to connect the computers to the internet.

 (23)   How a Computer works?.

Computer works according to following order

(1st)  Input Operation……. Data is entered into computer using input device e.g. keyboard, mouse

 (2nd)  Processing Operation …Processor or CPU performs calculation or processing.

 (3rd)  Output Operation …Results produced by the processor is sent to the Output device like monitor

 (4th )  Storage Operation……Data is stored by storage devices

Solved Exercise of …….Unit No. 01

Fill in the Blanks

(1)  Information is the processed or meaningful Data

(2)  CPU stands for Central Processing Unit

(3) DVD stands for Digital versatile Disk

(4)  The Physical Parts or devices of the computer that we can see and touch known as Hardware

(5)   Scanner is used to input printed document and images into computer

(6)   The Information obtained from the computer after processing is called Output

 (7)  Memory is used to stored data that is used by the processor.

(8)  Monitor is an important type of output device. 

(9)  Communication is process of transferring information from one computer to anothe.

(10)   During Storage operation Data is stored in storage device for later use.

Match the following by drawing lines.

Column A                                                     Column B

Data                                                                Program

Scanner                                                         Processing

Printer                                                            Storage Device

Software                                                        Communication

CPU                                                               Input device

CD/DVD                                                        Output device

Modem                                                           Flash Memory

USB                                                                Raw facts & Figures

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