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Appointment orders of Junior Clerk under Rule 17-A in Rahim Yar Khan

Appointment orders of Junior Clerk under Rule 17-A in Rahim Yar Khan

District Education Authority
Na CEO / CEA Admn – l
Dated: 08-03-2022
Phone 068-9230044,  Fax No. 9230135
In compliance or notification 01 the Punjab Civil Servant (Appointment S condition of Senice) Rules 1974. duly amended under SSGAD Notification SGR-III.2-42/92 dated 28-08.1993 under Rules 17/A providing the benefit of lob in BS-01 to One child of such Govt. servant who died or declared in validate incapacitated during service and provision contained in Notification No. S0R-III-2- 42/92, 22.09.1998 such children’s are eligible for appointment in the light of Notification issued by the Government of the Punjab S&GAD Department Lahore Notification No. SOR-Ill (S&GAD) 2-5412010 dated 02.04.2016. and;
Consequent upon the approval by the District Recruitment Committee in its meeting dated 20.01.2022, in pursuance to God. of the Punjab, Services and General Administration Department (Regulations Wing) Punjab vide No. SOR-III (S&GAD) 2-8/2018 dated 29.10.2019 and vide No SOR-III (S&GAD)2.54/2010 dated 4,, April, 2016 the following qualified candidates (Sons / Daughters) of deceased employees of District Education Authority, Rahimyarkhan are hereby appointed on Regular Basis as Civil Servant in BPS No. 11 RS (12570-880-38970) pay plus usual allowances as adrnissible under the rules and posted against existing vacancies in schools/offices mentioned against each with effect from the date on which they will join under the terms & conch/ions given below. Their services shall govern under the Punjab Civil Servant Act-1974, Punjab Civil Servant (appointment and conditions of Services) 1974 and the rules framed there under from time to time and all other rules applicable Government employees on the conditions laid down: – Detail of appointees is as under: –

1. The appointment will be subject to the fulfillment of requirements of rules 18, 19, 20, 21, 21-A, of Punjab Civil Servant (Appointment and Conditions of Services) Rules 1974.
2. The appointee on regular appointment shall remain on probation in terms of Section 5 of Punjab civil Servants Act, 1974 and rule 7 of the Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Services) Rules 1974 for two years.
3. The appointee will not be allowed for transfer during probation period i.e. during Two years in case of any application for transfer during probation period the incumbent will be proceeded under PEEDA Act-2006. However, Competent Authority / Appointing Authority can transfer the appointee on administrative grounds at any time.
4. The salary component of this appointment shall be in accordance with the pay scales plus usual allowances prescribed for the posts against which he is being appointed.
5. Incumbent shall produce medical fitness certificate to the DOO concerned after issuance of the appointment order.
6. Incumbent shall join his/her duties within fifteen days after the issuance of this appointment order, however joining period can be extended with the approval of Competent / Appointing Authority.
7. Proficiency test fail candidate will have to pass this test after three months, otherwise their appointment orders will be withdrawn.
Chief Executive Of Officer
District Education Authority
Rahim Yar Khan
Endst. No : 1806-33 Dated 08-03-2022
A copy is submitted / forwarded for information to: –
1. The Deputy Commissioner/Administrator DEA, Rahimyarkhan.
2. The District Monitoring Officer, Rahimyarkhan.
3. The District Education Officers (SE/EE-M/EE-M) Rahimyarkhan.
4. The Medical Superintendent Sheikh Zaid Hospital / Medical College, Rahimyarkhan.
5. The District Accounts Officer, Rahimyarkhan.
6. The Deputy District Education Officers (M&F), Rahimyarkhan.
7. The Heads of the Institutions Concerned.
8. The Candidates concerned on their Home Addresses.
9. Office Record.
Chief Executive Of Officer
District Education Authority
Rahim Yar Khan

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